SLFS Review – Shorts Program 7: Comedy

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Shorts Program # 5: Experimental plays as part of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Wednesday July 11th at 9:30pm at The Tivoli Theater, 6350 Delmar Blvd.

Spectacles by Tyler DePerro runs 9 minutes is about a struggling actor who gets inspiration for success from a pair of 3D glasses given to him by his grandfather, who is a retired film actor himself. This is a typically polished and ambitious effort from the talented Mr. DePerro, a recent Webster U grad.

Fitting  by Larry Ziegelman runs  13 minutes and is about two women who wind up in the same bridal-gown fitting room – one with a bridesmaid’s dress and one with a wedding gown. Well-acted with a twist, but should have played with the Drama or Relationship shorts. The only thing funny about it is that it was directed by a man.

Messed Up Dance Song  by Sean Keough & Richard Radmus is described as “Seven characters, one awesome line dance, and one kick-butt song”. It’s a music video featuring some guys in drag and funny wigs performing a wretched hip-hop tune with low-tech, ’80s-style digital effects. I describe it as “a long four minutes”.
My Dad Lives in a Trunk by Katie McCall runs  11 minutes. A college student is worried about his girlfriend meeting his eccentric dad who lives out of the trunk of his hatchback. While this may sound like the pilot for the world’s worst sit-com, it’s well-performed and mildly amusing.
Stuffed by Anthony Meadows, 10 minutes is about a pair of private investigators who take on a kidnapping case. What you may not know is that one of the detectives, as well as the kidnap victim, are furry puppets. It’s Alf-inspired, absurdist nonsense, but well-made and never wears out its welcome.
The Substitute  by Will Morris runs 6 min. In this tribute to Buster Keaton, a substitute teacher tries to gain control of a few mischievous students. Silly, but the filmmaker is clearly having fun and has the physical silent technique down and it’s good to see students appreciate a comic master like Keaton, though it may have worked better if the teacher had been played by an adult.
V-656 by Richard Taylor runs 7 minutes. A high-school senior science club is invaded by an escaped killer robot. This is an ambitious and clever short with good teen actors and pro CGI effects by Mr. Taylor.
Other films in this program are:
The Bird Story 
Tim Maupin, 7 min.
A young man finds a fallen bird’s nest and valiantly attempts to save the baby birds with help from a few friends.
Brock Russell, 6 min.
Jimmy finds a new toy.
One Dakota 
Evan Mueller, 23 min.
An ambitious white kid who thinks he is Native American and his spaced-out buddy set out to change the nation forever by attempting to reunite the Dakota Territory.
Paul von Stoetzel, 7 min.
After the bar closes one night, three men share stories about masturbation.
The Walk Back Down
Shayna Cohen, 5 min.
Father and son have a heated discussion about their dysfunctional relationship after Abraham almost sacrifices Isaac in the name of God.

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