Brent Roam – Star of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS in Town for Midnight Shows this Weekend

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The 2004 shocker THE TOOLBOX MURDERS makes its long-awaited big-screen debut (locally at least) this weekend when it plays at the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis Friday and Saturday nights at midnight as part of the Tivoli’s Reel Late series. Brent Roam, one of the film’s stars and a St. Louis native, will be attending both nights to answer questions and sign autographs.

THE TOOLBOX MURDERS tells the tale of Nell and Steven Burrows (Angela Bettis and Brent Roam), who move to Los Angeles to start a new life together. When they move into the Lusman Building, a historic Hollywood apartment complex, Nell and Steven find themselves caught into a web of terrifying evil. A ruthless killer lurks inside, somehow moving sight unseen from apartment to apartment murdering various unsuspecting victims. They are beaten to death with hammers, gored with drills, shot with nailguns, and get the top half of their heads sliced off with an electric sander. When Nell stumbles into the killer’s hidden lair, she comes face to face with supernatural horror known as……The Toolbox Killer.

The original TOOLBOX MURDERS, made in 1978 and starring Cameron Mitchell, was a lively but obvious rip-off of Tobe Hooper’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Hooper himself directed this TOOLBOX remake so it’s a case of a director remaking a knock-off of one of his own films! Hooper did a great job with TOOLBOX though (though he missed the chance to bring back a chainsaw!). It might even have been considered something of a comeback for Hooper if anyone had seen it, but it got a spotty release, never playing theatrically here in St. Louis……until now! Come see the film and meet the star this weekend! The Tivoli is located at 6350 Delmar in The Loop.

Visit Landmark’s The Tivoli’s website HERE

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