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Actor William Finley – PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Dead at 69

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Not terribly prolific, but a distinctive character actor who worked with Brian DePalma in many of the director’s early films including MURDER A LA MOD (1968) and THE WEDDING PARTY (1969). The lanky 6’4″ William Finley played the side splitting surgeon of DePalma’s SISTERS (1973) and despite acting mostly behind a mask, brought a great deal of pathos to the title role of DePalma’s THE PHANTOM OF PARADISE (1974) as Winslow Leach who, after being disfigured by the record press of Death Records, haunts music impresario Swan (Paul Williams) and his venue knows as The Paradise. Finley also worked for DePalma in THE FURY (1978), and BLACK DAHLIA (2006), the actor’s final film. Finlay acted for director Tobe Hooper three times (EATEN ALIVE, THE FUNHOUSE, and NIGHT TERRORS), appeared in the cult classic WISE BLOOD (1979), and had a nice part in the outstanding Chuck Norris serial killer thriller SILENT RAGE in 1982. William Finley was 69.


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