Mike Pecci’s Grindhouse Shorts DVD Available for Pre-Order

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Director & photographer Mike Pecci is self releasing all of his violent short films on one loaded DVD.

Mike Pecci’s Grindhouse Shorts!

This is the definitive collection of what Filmthreat magazine called “Grindhouse done right”. It includes the director’s cut of Cold Hard Cash, a re-mastered Capture Device, Stray Bullet, and a new short featuring a chainsaw wielding Evalena Marie (from the upcoming film based on the “Remains” comic written by Steve Niles). Each film is uncensored and loaded with sex, violence, and Suicide Girls! The DVD is jammed to the limit with interactive menus, behind the scenes clips, brand new recorded director’s commentaries and the infamous “Mom-mentaries” (where the director watches the films with his highly opinionated mother) and loads of hidden “Easter eggs.” The disks will be released with 3 limited edition variant covers with artwork from comic book and poster artists as well photography from Pecci.

Mike Pecci’s Grindhouse Shorts Censored from Mike Pecci on Vimeo.

Pre-orders go on sale Monday here.

The first printing of this series will contain a “fan membership card” that will give the owner exclusive access to content and events for the upcoming films.

We love our fans and believe in rewarding their help and loyalty. For a limited time during the pre-sale of the DVD we are running a Promotional Rewards Program.

For every two DVD sales that are made with your name as the referral we will upgrade your DVD to a rare variant cover reserved for this promotional only. Each variant DVD will also come guaranteed with a “fan membership card.” Every 10 DVD’s sold with your name as the referral you will be eligible for a free hoodie! Awesome right?!

The success of independent film depends on word of mouth and we need your support! Thanks guys!

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