Jimmy Sangster, Hammer Horror Writer & Director, Dead at 83

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British screenwriter and director Jimmy Sangster, a key creative force behind so many of the great Hammer Horror Films, has died. Sangster penned the scripts for Hammer’s two seminal entries in their monster series HORROR OF DRACULA and CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. His other scripts for Hammer include X: THE UNKNOWN, THE MUMMY, and REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN. BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE and THE CRAWLING EYE were scripts he wrote for competing studios. He worked on American television shows in the ’70s including Night Stalker, Ghost Story, Wonder Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man. In 1997 Sangster wrote his autobiography Do You Want it Good or Tuesday? Sangster was 83.

An excellent, comprehensive article about Sangster can be found on Cinema Retro’s website HERE

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