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THE OTHER GUYS Motion Poster Coming At You

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THE OTHER GUYS could very well be one of the greatest comedies ever made.  Sure, it could be atrocious, but there’s always that possibility that it could transcend its own sub-genre of the buddy cop action/comedy and be something truly memorable.  You know.  Kind of like COP OUT only amazing.

The idea that it stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell as a couple of bumbling detectives who try to one-up their idols, played here by Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson.  Plus you’ve got Michael Keaton, Craig Robinson, and Steve Coogan thrown into the mix, as well.  It’s directed by Adam McKay of ANCHORMAN and STEP BROTHERS fame, so you know the equation is ripe for greatness.

Speaking of greatness, just below you will find the new motion poster for the film.  Not only is it ingenuity hard at work, it’s quite funny.  Just seeing Will Ferrell fly through the air firing dual guns is funny enough, but Wahlberg comes into his comedic own near the end of the poster’s clip, too.

Check it out:

THE OTHER GUYS hits theaters on August 6th.

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