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Direct to DVD Goodness

Direct to DVD Goodness … American Pie Presents: ‘The Naked Mile’

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What do you do when you go into blockbuster (or any other movie chain/store) to see something you haven’t seen before and you have already seen all the good stuff? Well then you rent the direct to DVD movie, if for no other reason then to laugh at how awful it is. Well sometimes that direct to DVD movie surprises you and its actually kind of good. Well that’s what brings us to this new column.

The first movie to get this treatment is … American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile.

For those of you that haven’t seen any of the American Pie movies past American Wedding … let me fill you in. All of the movies since then follow the Stifler clan and only contain one of the original characters, Jim’s Dad who is played by Eugene Levy. I started the watch the one right after American Wedding which was called Band Camp … but got bored and turned it off. This one, actually held my attention, and several laughs.

The story follows Erik Stifler played by John White who sets off with a couple of buddies on a road trip to his Erik’s cousin Dwight Stifler at a college in Michigan for the “Naked Mile Run”. A tradition that was done up until 2004 at the University of Michigan. Erik has hit a rough patch with his girlfriend and she gives him a free weekend pass to do whatever he wants. What follows is an insane weekend of partying, ladies, and Erik’s battle with himself to decide if he would use his weekend pass, or stay true to his girlfriend.

The highlight of the American Pie Presents series has been Steve Talley, who also stars in the latest installment ‘Beta House’. He plays Erik’s cousin Dwight … aka Stifler. A ladies man who is the president of Beta frat house. He is quick witted, but not in the typical asshole Stifler fashion. You really come away from this flick with an appreciation for him, and I hope to see him in more movies soon.

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